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Studebaker PDF for Catalog Page
The earliest Studebaker automobiles used flexible metal conduit to contain all wiring. For these years we provide a wire & conduit kit, which contains all wire, terminals, and stainless steel conduit needed to rewire the automobile. You must reuse the junction boxes, conduit cap ferrules, light sockets and special connectors (special instructions are included).

The 1931 and later harness systems are complete and contain all the harnesses and loose wiring for the entire car. When ordering specify body style.

  • All systems listed are covered by our limited warranty.
  • If your automobile is not listed we will need the original system for research refer to No System Listed for details).

Note: Save your old wiring until the new system is installed and tested. Every year has unique light sockets and / or fittings which must be reused.

**All prices subject to change without prior notification.