No System Listed

If there is nothing listed for your automobile, we have not yet received an original wiring system to research.

We have wire schematics for all American makes and models (except trucks & custom bodies) that used braided and lacquered wire. These wire schematics show the correct wire color and function, however they do not show the wire layout or provide the dimensions needed to make a wiring harness system. For this information we need an original wiring harness system to research. For pickup trucks, standard trucks, and foreign automobiles we would also need a copy of the wire schematic from the shop manual for your particular model. When a wiring harness system is sent in for research, we would like you to include every harness, extension, and loose wire that you have.

When we make the new system, we can only reproduce the items sent in because we will not have dimensions for anything that is missing. If one section of your wiring harness system is bad due to dry rot of the rubber wire insulation, you can be sure the rest of the wire insulation is in the same condition, therefore it is always prudent to replace the entire system.

To research a wiring harness system we lay it out, then we reverse engineer the system. We take the correct wiring schematic and we electrically trace all the wires in the system. We make sure that all wires are present and perform the correct function. As we do this we are preparing the data package for you and the special information we need to reproduce the system.

The data package you will receive contains a copy of our limited warranty, an explanation of the color codes and a general explanation of how to install a wiring system, a detailed harness listing where every wire is listed by number, color, and function. With some systems we also include special component instructions and / or assembly diagrams for wire & conduit kits. A copy of the wiring schematic and any additional pertinent information we have on your automobile is also included.

We realize that you may be uneasy about sending your original wiring harness system for research. The listings in our catalog cover over 850 makes and models. Each one of these listings came from research done on an original wiring harness system in our 40 plus years of business. We offer the finest quality wiring harness systems, a listing that makes installation easy – we try to make installation a mechanical process. Also we will provide technical support if you need it to help you with any electrical difficulties you may run into.

The best time to send a wiring harness system for research is when you begin your restoration. We suggest that you take pictures of how the wiring runs in the car before removing it. When you remove loose wires mark them for function. Remove any electrical components.

If you wish to send us your original wiring harness system, call us for shipping details and to be sure you have the information we will need in the package. The call will also let us be on the lookout for the package. When we receive the system we will do the research and contact you with the price for your approval. The delivery time may vary depending on the current backlog.