Restoration quality wire harnesses for your Antique or Classic Automobile, Antique Truck, or Motorcycle.

For over 40 years our family-owned business has been making the finest authentic wiring harness systems for antique automobiles. We offer everything except spark plug wires and battery cables.

How to Order

To keep our factory prices low Рwe do not have a sales department. Please leave a message and one of our experts will return your call.

ALL ORDERS ARE BY MAIL ONLY. Print, complete and mail in the order form with your payment.

Please note: In some harnesses, the original braided covering was 1/2 black cotton and 1/2 gray paper twine. The gray paper twine has been discontinued by the original manufacturer. Until we can find an American source for the gray paper twine or a close looking substitute, we will be covering all harnesses with all black cotton. While not looking original, it will look like a period replacement harness.