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These complete systems contain all standard wiring for the automobile (except spark plug wires and battery cables). The lists below show the many systems for each year. To order the correct harness set(s), please fill out all vehicle information on the order form. All systems listed are covered by our limited warranty.

The early Packards used flexible metal conduit to contain all wiring. For models using conduit we provide a wire & conduit kit, which contains all wire, terminals, and stainless steel conduit needed to rewire the automobile (except spark plug wires and battery cables). You must reuse the junction boxes, conduit cap ferrules and special connectors (special instructions are included).
Armored wire is used, as in the factory originals, in Packards to 1932. Turn signals are standard Packard equipment from 1942 on, however we offer them as an option in 1930 – 1931 and as standard equipment from 1932 on.

**All prices subject to change without prior notification.

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