All systems listed are covered by our limited warranty. If your motorcycle is not listed we will need the original system for research (refer to No System Listed for details).

Note: Save your old wiring until the new system is installed and tested. Every year has unique light sockets and / or fittings which must be reused.

Year Make/Model Price
1927 Cleveland $115
1928 – 1929 Cleveland $85
1920 Harley 20 J $85
1948 Harley Davidson FL $120
1928 – 1931 Indian 101 Scout $85
1941 Indian 841 Shaft Drive $115
1942 – 1944 Indian 74l Military Scout $115
1942 – 1947 Indian 346 Chief $115
1951 Indian Brave (British Mfr) $115
1948 – 1953 Indian Chief $115
All prices subject to change without prior notification.

Please note: In some harnesses, the original braided covering was 1/2 black cotton and 1/2 gray paper twine. The gray paper twine has been discontinued by the original manufacturer. Until we can find an American source for the gray paper twine or a close looking substitute, we will be covering all harnesses with all black cotton. While not looking original, it will look like a period replacement harness.