Foreign Automobiles

We can make wire harness systems for foreign makes, but in some cases we will need the original system AND the wiring diagram from the shop manual (refer to No System Listed for details). The systems below are those we have researched and manufactured to date. They are complete with all the wires in the automobile. We have custom made systems for Jaguar, Mercedes, and Triumph. Please note the foreign manufacturers have some special wire color patterns that we are unable to duplicate, for these we substitute the closest patterns available (see wire & materials).

We can also cover your new factory wire harness with the authentic cotton braiding (see braiding service under wire & materials). All systems are covered by our limited warranty.

Please note: In some harnesses, the original braided covering was 1/2 black cotton and 1/2 gray paper twine. The gray paper twine has been discontinued by the original manufacturer. Until we can find an American source for the gray paper twine or a close looking substitute, we will be covering all harnesses with all black cotton. While not looking original, it will look like a period replacement harness.