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Frequently Asked Questions:

A) Why do I have to order by mail? -
Look at all the headlines of secure company sites hacked for information or having records stolen - we avoid that from the start. If our website is ever hacked you have given us no information that can be compromised or diverted. By your mailing the order we are bound by numerous federal regulations and laws (which we are proud to comply with) in how we fill your order and serve you. Orders are processed in the order they are received and we do not cash the checks until the order is shipped. Note we do not have a sales department nor do we accept credit cards, debit cards, paypal, or COD orders.

B) Why don't you take credit cards, debit cards, paypal, COD, or other similar payment methods?
For your security and to keep our prices lower. If we don't have your card information it can not be stolen. The payment companies would charge us a percentage of each sale (which is a direct loss of profit). In order to make up for that percentage charge we would have to raise our prices an equal amount. How cards work - The card companies (and paypal) charge a percentage of each sale (which is a direct loss of our profit) just to have a computer switch some numbers between accounts. To make up the loss of this profit we would have to raise prices. Because we do not see you or your card we would have to process three times the usual paperwork - which takes away time we could spend making harnesses. We also have to store all your information from the sale for a minimum of three years to a maximum of seven years from the time of the sale (depending on company). No storage can be made safe from a determined burglar. Look at all the headlines of company sites hacked for information or having records stolen - we avoid that from the start. Lastly because of what the banks have done to our country over the last couple of years, do you really think we should reward them for letting a computer switch some numbers?

C) What do you do with any information I give you?
Privacy policy- Any information given on the order form is used only to process your order and deposit funds. We do not use this information for any other purpose. We do not release your information to any other company or entity. Also it is our policy not to do bulk mailings of any kind. We will only contact you in relation to your order or to request for more order information. All completed sales information is kept per IRS regulations at our business location. All information is kept hard copy, we do not store any information on our computer system where it could be hacked.

D) How easy is it install the new wiring?
We try to make installation easy for the average hobbyist with decent mechanical skills with a full set of instructions to install the wiring. We have a sample listing for a 1940 Buick - see introductions on left. If you have questions you can contact us and one of our experts will walk you through it. We feel our job isn't done until you have the wiring in and everything works. We include with the new wiring : 1) a copy of our limited warranty, 2) a set of general instructions on removing the old wiring and installing your new harness system, 3) an explanation of wire color codes, 4) specific instructions just for your harness on where to hook each wire, 5) wiring diagrams from the National Automotive Service manual, 6) any other special information we have that applies to your wiring system. If you still have questions you can contact us and one of our experts will walk you through it.

E) Why replace all the wiring?
Your old wires used rubber to insulate them. Rubber when it gets old dry rots from age, the air, and extremes of temperature. It becomes hard, brittle, cracks and just turns to dust. Then you will have short circuits or worse an electrical fire. By replacing all the wiring you remove any doubt about which wires are still good.

F) Can I add turn signals?
Turn signals are a commonly requested item. There are many different types of switches and the number of wires to add to the system depends on the type of switch you buy. On some vehicles we add these wires in the harness as standard. Others it will be an extra cost item. For those years where it is impossible to add wires to the harness we can supply a kit of materials and instructions to add them as a separate system on the car. We do not sell turn signal switches.

G) Can I add - fog lights , heater, second tail light, etc.?
If the wires were not in the original harness or we do not supply them as standard with the harness, we can and will provide you with a kit of materials needed to wire these items at no extra cost.

H) I have installed a different engine with newer equipment can you modify the wiring for this?
No, all our harness systems are made to the original specifications. We do not modify the systems for alternators or different engine packages.

I) I only need ......X.....,why don't you sell individual parts? If one part of your wiring is bad now that means the rest is soon to follow (see question E). Wouldn't you feel safer to go through and replace all the wiring than risk something happening to a piece that you thought was good? On our end - we do so many different vehicles whose pieces are all unique - that we could not possibly price each piece of each system and have still time to make the wiring harnesses. We can not keep track of which piece was ordered by each customer and could not keep track of what other parts could be ordered for that car in the future.

J) I didn't see a listing for my car - what now? If your car has wires with cloth covered insulation - on left side refer to - No System Listed?. If your car has wires with modern plastic insulation, we do not stock the modern wire nor have any information on those cars. We may be able to refer you to another company that does - left side refer to - contact.

K) I want to covert to 12 volts will your wiring work? The wire guages for 6 volt systems are heavier than you need for 12 volts and will work fine. The question is why do you want to convert to 12 volts? You will have to change or provide step down voltage to all your electrical components and light bulbs. Your car was originally designed for 6 volts and it worked fine for it's original life. If you are having trouble starting the car we have found that many people have the wrong (too small) battery cables that were installed by a previous owner. Battery cables for a 6 volt car should be at least 0 gauge or preferably 00 gauge with brass battery terminals and copper lugs at the body and starter motor.

L) Why don't you do wiring for Ford Motor Company products?
When we started all the other companies were making wiring for only Ford Motor Company products. We decided to fill the need for wiring for all the other car makers products. As the other companies markets declined they expanded into our market , but we have been so busy we have not needed to add Ford wiring to our line.

M) Can you make a harness system for my hot rod (or changed the engine year)?
No - because each wiring system depends on the types of equipment and location of components and how the wiring is run it is impossible to make a custom wiring system without the car. A hot rod system should be made wire by wire on the car. That is so every component is connected and the system can be designed for the best appearance on that car. We can supply wire and materials to give a period look ( like it was done back in the day ). See our wire & materials on the right.